Electric Bikes in Christchurch

With such great damage to the roads it’s become very difficult to travel through the streets of Christchurch and many times delays and closing is frustrating and hard to get to where you need to be. That is one of the reasons why using electric bicycle in Christchurch makes for a great advantage over cars and other vehicles.

Volto – No 1 Electric bikes in NZ since 2010

The best value for money – reliable and comfortable – designed for everyday use!

$ 1799

$ 1799

$ 1799

Electric bike TDE03Z
VOLTO TDE03Z 300W / 14Ah
Electric bike TDF03Z
VOLTO TDF03Z 300W / 14Ah
Electric bike TDN08Z
VOLTO-TDN08Z-300W / 14Ah


We offer the choice of  20Ah battery for extra long range and life!


Even though Christchurch has seen many natural disasters recently, it’s still a beautiful place to live in and visit. In-fact, the Christchurch city council has even announced that Christchurch will be built as a “city in a garden.” You will have the ability to travel throughout really easy.  Many electric bikes users already enjoing the convenience of being able to drive around an electric bicycle with the ability to park it at anytime and anywhere.

The distance that you will be able to travel is up to 70 kilometers on a single charge. Charges typically take around 5 to 8 hours total which is fairly quick and can be done over-night and be ready to use the entire following day. The bikes are also very strong, they have an aluminum alloy frame and weight as little as 28 kilograms and can travel as fast as 35 km per hour.

Volto makes different types of electric bicycles

Step through electric bikes
Fold-up electric bikes
Sports electric bikes
City electric bikes

City electric bikes make for great bikes that you can use to commute from work or school to your home. Sports electric bikes however are for those who need to get somewhere fast, they are very powerful. Fold-up bikes do exactly what they sound like, they fold up for convenient transportation. Step through bikes are very nice bikes to have, you are given the option to make the bike pedal and be easier to ride with the motor if you choose to do so.

Here’s a few more reasons to buy an electric bike

  • Stay current with modern designs.
  • Save money on high gas prices.
  • Be environmentally friendly.

Have a convenient place to park all the time with the electric bike VOLTO!